The 5 richest figure skaters

Figure skating is such a fun and fascinating sport to watch. The skaters can show off by doing many tricks and jumps in the air. It is so intriguing and you would never get bored watching it. It is definitely not something just anyone can do. Those who make it look easy are professionals with talent and much experience. Many started as young as age 3. Some started much later in life but caught on quickly and really have the gift of coordination and grace.

There are many well-known figure skaters world wide. This graceful sport has made several people wealthy.

Below is a list of the top 5 richest figure skaters.

Scott Hamilton was born in 1958. He is known by millions. He has won several championship titles throughout his career and an Olympic gold medal in 1984. He battled cancer as an adult.

Kristi Yamuguchi started skating at age 6. She was born with club feet and skating was part of her therapy. She won a gold medal and other championships in the early 90s. In addition to this she has published 4 books, appeared in movies and won season 6 of Dancing with the stars.

Brian Boitino was born in 1963. He won many championship titles throughout the 80s. In 1994 he placed 6th in the Olympics.

Kim Yuna is from South Korea. She won the 2010 Olympic title. During those same Olympic Games she won the highest score ever given to a skater.
She has been in and out of the spot light over the years. This is due to her taking breaks and getting back on the ice again.

Johnny Weir started skating at age 12. He has won a few championship titles as well including a world bronze medal in 2008.

These are just a few of the wealthiest figure skaters. There are several more who are famous and fabulous at this great sport.



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